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Modern bedroom
altea cg

Camera da letto - Altea - CAMEL GROUP con contenitore 160 cm NewCondition 3615.00
In Stock
Camera da letto - Altea - CAMEL GROUP con giroletto 160 cm NewCondition 3174.00
In Stock
Camera da letto - Altea - CAMEL GROUP con contenitore 180 cm NewCondition 3768.00
In Stock
Camera da letto - Altea - CAMEL GROUP con giroletto 180 cm NewCondition 3299.00
In Stock

Camera da letto completa linea Altea composta da:
1 Letto matrimoniale imbottito con contenitore (mod. Kleo Luna),
2 Comodini maxi, maniglia cuoio.
1 Comó 
1 Specchio mod. vela.


Misure Letto per materasso da 180 cm (cm) 202x235x95
Misure comó (cm) L130xP50xH76
Misure comodino (cm) L70xP45xH43
Misure Specchio (cm) L111xH71,5xP3
Misure Letto per materasso da 160 cm (cm) 182x235x95

Puoi comporre da solo la tua camera di questo modello nei prodotti correlati.

camera-da-letto-altea-camel-group camera-da-letto-altea-camel-group

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With Kamira, the precious oils contained in the coffee powder are delicately transferred into the cup, giving the drink a creamy consistency with a full flavour, rich in aromas that enhance the aroma of the chosen blend. The essences and aromas of the cappuccino, released by the thick cream that falls on the milk, mix with its aromas, filling the cup with the typical, abundant and full-bodied emulsion of Kamira coffee.
Kamira was created for the family and, like pots, it works with any heat source. It can be used at home and in the office, but it is also ideal for travel, boating, camping and traveling tourism. It is made of stainless steel, a material that exchanges heat rapidly, and is calibrated for a medium-large flame. Thanks to its large boiler, it heats up in a few seconds; when it is cold, it takes between 60 and 90 seconds to complete dispensing, while if it is already hot, however, it takes between 30 and 40 seconds. While Kamira is on the fire, the cup is heated by the latent heat of the flame.


Kamira was the answer to a question that the inventor, Nino Santoro, asked himself after having thrown away numerous electric machines; that question read: "Why isn't it possible to prepare a good coffee on the stove at home?" One memorable day, what is now called the "Kamira System" was born: a simple solution, not subject to wear, which guarantees stable conditions for the ideal extraction of the fats contained in the coffee powder.


Kamira is produced using artisanal processes, it is made entirely of stainless steel and all parts can be dismantled, replaced or regenerated. Inside there are no mechanisms, springs, valves or gaskets, for these reasons it is destined to last a long time. The curved athermal handle guarantees a stable and secure grip.
It has a height of 21 cm, a width of 14 cm and a weight of approximately 1.3 kg; the water tray, filled completely, has a capacity of 60 ml. Coffee brewing times depend on the type of heat source used; on average, it takes 30/40 seconds if the Kamira is hot, 60/90 seconds if the Kamira is cold.